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Let your skills shine at King of the Court


The first night was well received and we still have a few more spots left for next Monday. Sign up now via this form.

Each session, we will put players into teams of 7.

The format will be 'king of the court' where the winning team stays after each period of 5 minutes or first to 3 goals. The maximum winning streak is 5.

This will be your chance to let your individual skills shine!

It will be $10 per person for 1.5h of full-court futsal. We will be limiting the number of people per session to 28 (4 teams) in order to minimize waiting times between games.

We will be holding the following sessions:

Monday 31 May (register by 27 May)

Monday 7 June (register by 3 June, please note this is Queen's birthday)



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