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Welcome to East City Futsal Club!

East City Futsal is the longest-established and largest-registered Futsal club in New Zealand. We offer several leagues throughout the year that cater to different age groups and abilities.

We believe there's a place for everyone in Futsal, so come and join us and enjoy the beautiful sport together!

Our Premier League and Senior B League have started for the Spring season, but keep your eyes peeled for our Summer dates!

Match Results - Spring League

Premiers - Week 8 (28.11.22)

Match 1

Ball Enthusiasts 1: Frank Goreusto Amaro

Slavica FC 10: Eduardo Exposito Espinosa 5, Osmar Silva 2, Bilu Oliveira 2, Andrea Augusto Amaro 1

POTM: Eduardo Exposito Espinosa


Match 2

Airdrop FC 1: Allan McBride 1

Kaurilands FC 2: Adam Mohamed Musa 1, Eyob Adisu 1

POTM: Adam Mohamed Musa


Match 3

Futsies: DW

International Fusion: DL


Match 4

Goalburgers 1: Hassen Hamidi 1

Paris Ganja-Man 6: Max Kwan 2, Leon van der Heijden 2, Jaiden van der Heijden 1, Darcy Knight 1

POTM: Max Kwan


Senior B - Week 7 (13.11.22)

Futsaljahs 5-3 FC Hansa

Steinermites 5-5 One Touch

Boludos 5-8 Bodgerlona


Intermediates - Week 3 (13.11.22)

PapsCityAFC Kura 5-0 Bucklands Beach

St Heliers Storm 2-8 RI Black


Keep up to date with the latest results on our Draws & Results page.

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