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Registration FAQs

What Information will I need to register players in my team?

Team organisers will need name, date of birth, a contact telephone number and a valid email address to register each player in their team. If you organised a team last season (Winter 2018) and want to get a copy of the teams details login here and go to “Tasks” then “Team Report” to download them.

Does the team register or do players register individually?

The Team Organiser registers the team and adds all players - only the team organiser will get a username and password.

What leagues can my team play in?

Click here for a list of grades. NOTE if a grade has "CLOSED" next to it, it means that it is not currently available for registration. This could be because it is not yet open, it is fully subscribed OR the registration close date has been passed.

What is a Team Organiser?

A team organiser is the person in charge of registering the team and the first point of contact for club communications. The organiser may or may not also be a player in the team.

How does the Team Organiser add/change players to the team?

Login using your login name and password ("Login" link in left column or above right), go to the “Tasks” menu and select the “Manage Team” option.

How many players can be registered in a team?

You are able to register a maximum of 10 players (12 in the Premier League) in all leagues. We recommend at least 7.

Can I register an all-female team or a mixed team?

While we encourage all female teams to play in the female only leagues (when available) they can play in the mixed leagues. While most teams are all male, all leagues (except Premier Men) are open to both sexes. In youth leagues, girls can play one grade below their age.

Can I play overage players in my youth team?

Teams are allowed to register one overage youth player provided that player is no more than one year older than the oldest age allowed in the grade being entered.

How long has the Team Organiser got to enter his team into the system?

All team current members must be registered in the system and we urge Team Organsiers to do so as quickly as possible once they have registered their team for the league.  Changes are permitted but must be completed in the online database BEFORE  a team plays in the third game of the season. Failure to do so WILL lead to forfeit of subsequent games where unregistered players are known to have taken part.

Can a team enter two leagues?

Yes (provided the age requirements of both leagues are met) but you will need to register two teams with different names. In practice that often means playing on two different nights. Note also that a maximum of two players who are registered in the Premier Mens league, can register in the same season for any one Senior B team.

My team has played at East City before and now wants to register for the Spring 2018 League. What should I do?

You must register a new team for the upcoming competition. The database for each season is separate and a new team registration is required each time a team wishes to enter a new league.

I may already be in the database. Is that a problem?

No. Records of previous seasons are archived and not in the current database. You cannot login to this season using a previous season username and password – you must get a new one.

Why can't I use my old username and password?

In an ideal world, teams would stay the same from season to season and it would be very easy to allow an organiser to keep their username and password and NOT need to enter player details during each registration. However in our experience, this is almost never the case. Players come and go as do team organisers, and the complexity of allowing people to keep the same logical team while these factors change AND provide a history of what player was playing in what team and when is almost endless. We have decided to revert to the "register a new team for each season" approach because it drastically reduces the complexity, and requires only a few minutes of extra effort on the organisers part. Please be aware that we have put a lot of effort into exploring the alternative method and are aware of the frustration in having to register the same players details each season. We will continue to explore other options with our database supplier in the hope of developing a complete solution.

I want to change the name of my team, how do I do this?

You should contact our admin on +6427 452 2491 or email us with full details. A team name can only be changed up to the time of publication of the draw.

Can I play in more than one league?

Yes, if your players are eligible to play in more than one league and the league times do not clash. NOTE - you should register a new team for each league in order to do this. NOTE: Senior B teams are allowed to register no more than 2 players who are registered in the Premier Men's league in the same season.

How do I change the players in my team?

Login and go to Tasks | Manage Team from the top menu. Here you can remove current players and add new ones provided changes are still allowed (i.e. before your team plays the third game of the season).

What is the time limit for changing the players in my team?

All players must be registered before your team plays its third game. Teams are ‘locked in’ at that point and only those players on the system are eligible for the remainder of the season

How can I check that I have correctly registered my team?

Keep an eye on the progress bar at the top of the registration screens. When it reaches "Finish" your team is in the database and you just need to pay and enter player details. When you reach the confirmation stage, the system will send you an email with your username and password.  IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THIS EMAIL YOU MUST EMAIL US. You will also receive an emailed receipt confirming your payment once payment has been made and processed.